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Happy New Year!

With Christmas and New Year well and truly over, it is time to get moving with in 2016!

The Christmas holidays were a welcomed break. My family and I headed off to the Brecon Beacons for a short break, visiting family, eating good food and generally chilling out. Staying on a farm, located on top of a Welsh mountain in high winds and rain may sound crazy to many people (my wife included!), but I find it really invigorates you. The beautiful views and peace & quiet really help get away from busy day to day life :-)

2015 was such a busy year in so many ways. The launch of in June/July was an obvious highlight for me and seeing the community grow at a steady pace has been a pleasure. The support and positive feedback from everyone has been fantastic. Please keep it coming! Now I'm recharged, it is time to really push this community and take it to the next stage. 2016 is not going to slow down and I don't want it to! The amount of ideas & changes on my to do list is staggering, but so exciting :-)

Thank you to everyone who has used the community since it's launch. Without your support we wouldn't be here today. Please keep sharing what we do with your friends. The sharing of our posts, cycle tours, articles, etc.. is what introduces us to new people and inspires them to get involved. Every like, share, comment and all the other interactions really does help. 

I'm not into all these New Year resolutions - bit late for this year now anyway!  But I do like to think about everything that has happened and make a mental note of what I would like to achieve throughout the coming year. No pressure to act in the first few weeks of the New Year this way! For the community 2016 this means many things; more great content (I have lots of articles coming), more cycle tours, more people joining cycle tours, helpful articles, and the introduction of some awesome new services to make cycle tourists lives easier. 

If you only do one thing this year, then why not go on cycle tour listed on this community? Or if you have a cycle tour idea that has been on your to do list for some time, why not submit it for others to join you? Don't forget, it will only cost you time and your expenses whilst out riding. You will make new friends. It will be fun. And it will leave you with some great memories. Sharing adventures really does bring people together.

That is it for now. Have a great 2016! Make it a year of cycling and making new friends. 

Just one final word. To help me develop the community, please do leave comments on our social media, blog posts, cycle tours and newsletters. It makes me feel loved! Seriously though, your feedback is really important and helps me maximise my time to make this community even better. 

There are some great posts coming over the next few weeks.

Now onto the first Newsletter for 2016! Sign up here to receive it in your inbox.

Happy Cycling!

cheers Pete 

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