Stove for Bicycle Touring | Jetboil Zip Review

A few of my recent posts have been focused on the kind of food I like to eat whilst out on a bicycle tour. So now seems like the perfect time to write about the stove I use, the Jetboil Zip. Before I get started, if you did miss the previous posts on...

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Bicycle Touring Mini Cycling Break in Exmoor

  It has been far too long since my last post. Holidays, the day job and moving home have all eaten away at my time of late. But now that life is starting to ease up a little, I can find my cycling legs again. After what seemed an eternity of on...

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Cycle Touring Adventure in Dartmoor

  I think of myself as rather fortunate to live in the South West of England. Perfect for cycle touring, especially being nicely placed in between two awesome National Parks; Dartmoor and Exmoor. With the bits in between filled with endless coun...

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Keep Cycling during Autumn & Winter

As autumn and winter approach in the northern hemisphere, like many people I'm starting to find it a little chilly and darker, especially when it comes to riding my bicycle. To be honest, I have not always been the greatest fan of the colder months. ...

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Think Today, Ride Tomorrow

If you are living in the Northern hemisphere right now, then the nights are closing in, the mornings are dark and your bed is making you want to hide under the covers. Well, it is for me anyway! If you read my last blog post, then you will know it do...

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Get out of bed and go Cycling!

It is fair to say that in terms of cycling, 2016 has been a bit of a struggle so far for me! The most amount of miles I have got on the bike has been my 15-mile daily commute to work, and the occasional Saturday or Sunday quick (1 hour) morning ride....

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Life changes bring more Cycle Touring Opportunities

If you read my past cycling blog posts, you will know that I'm currently based on the beautiful island of Jersey, Channel Islands. For those of you who don't know, Jersey is a very small island off the coast of France, and is part of the British Isle...

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A Year of Cycling Adventures

Happy New Year! With Christmas and New Year well and truly over, it is time to get moving with in 2016! The Christmas holidays were a welcomed break. My family and I headed off to the Brecon Beacons for a short break, visiting f...

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Keeping it Normal

I hope you, your families and friends are well and you are finding time to get out on your bicycles, whether it be a ride around the block, a micro-adventure, or maybe further afield.  It is fair to 2020 was a different kind of year, but we...

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Bike Touring, Spring and Sunshine!

I'm writing this post whilst looking out to beautiful spring sunshine and glorious blue skies. For me the weather plays such an important part in life, especially when bicycle touring. Not that I always let the weather control my cycling, but who doe...

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Bicycle Touring Local Leaders is excited to announce a great new service: Local Bicycle Touring Leaders.  We are building a network of cyclists, ready to meet up and help other cyclists visiting their local area as part of a cycle tour. It is about...

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Cycle Touring Festival 2017

On the late May bank holiday for the past three years, a group of around 200 to 300 people get together to talk about bicycles, listen to engaging stories of amazing cycle touring journeys, learn, eat, sleep, drink a few beers, go cycling and have a ...

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This is where it all begins - Welcome to the Cycling Touring Community

So here it is!  The first blog entry for my new site  I have been meaning to start writing this blog for some time now.  With all the work that has gone into starting this site, I guess the time has run away. Or ma...

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Best Laid Cycling Touring Plans can go Wrong!

It was all planned out. As much as it needed to be anyway. I was riding from St Malo to Le Mans and my cycling friend I was meeting with, was riding from Caen to Le Mans. You guessed it. Le Mans was the meeting point. Did we make it and meet up? Nope...

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Local Bike Rides and Recurring Cycle Tours & Rides

  Over the past few months many of you have kindly taken the time to send in suggestions for new features and changes. Two topics that have come up a few times, is to have the ability to find people people to go on local bike rides (not necessar...

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Cycle Touring Festival. Here I come!

I'm very excited! I have ordered my ticket to the Cycle Touring Festival. After missing out last year through my own forgetfulness, this year I was prepared. I signed up to the newsletter and as soon as the tickets went on sale, I got one :-) For tho...

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Cycle Touring Advice | What do I need for my first Bicycle Tour?

So, you have possibly made the best decision of your life. You have decided to go on a bicycle tour! But what next? You have a destination in mind. Maybe have some ideas of what to do along the way and thoughts about where you can sleep. The sta...

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