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Bicycle Touring Local Leaders

CycleTouringOrg | Adventure and Bicycle Touring - Bicycle TArticles, Reviews, Advice, Tours and More... - Bicycle Touring Local Leaders is excited to announce a great new service: Local Bicycle Touring Leaders. 

We are building a network of cyclists, ready to meet up and help other cyclists visiting their local area as part of a cycle tour. It is about meeting up, going cycling and showing people your local area. The local leader has the opportunity to help, meet new people, have fun, and become part of a bicycle tour. And the visiting cyclist get their own local guide!

It is simple to use. People register their details and select a location nearby, which in turn creates a pin on a map. People visiting the area who want to meet up, click the Pin on the interactive map, read the details, and if they would like to get in touch, complete a quick form to send a message. The local leader responds to sort out the finer details.


CycleTouringOrg | Adventure and Bicycle Touring - Bicycle TArticles, Reviews, Advice, Tours and More... - Bicycle Touring Local Leaders


Why Local Leaders?

The idea came about whilst thinking about how to make more inclusive. The trend is for the Cycle Touring Companion/Buddy/Friend service to mainly be used by people going on longer bicycle Tours; those longer journeys many of us wish we had more time for.  With many of us juggling busy lives, it would be great to have opportunities to meet people Cycle Touring in the local area, even if it was just for one afternoon. At we want ALL cyclists to have opportunities to have adventures.

What we love about this service is that it benefits everyone. Bicycle tourists often find themselves in new and exciting parts of the world - sometimes they have been by themselves for a while and/or find themselves in a new area.  To meet up with someone who knows the area and who loves Cycling would be of great value and be like having your own personal guide. Enjoy riding great cycling routes. Visiting the places visitors don't always discover. And discovering awesome food with newly found friends.

How to use the Local Leaders

It starts with people (hopefully that includes you!) registering their details to be pinned on the map. Our mission is to get 1000's of pins across the World to create a vast network of cyclists ready to help their fellow cyclist. Cyclists out on the road would then have a fantastic tool to find people and go have some awesome local cycling adventures!


Lets make this a successful service that helps everyone! 

And if you are ever passing through my neck of the woods, please do get in touch!


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