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Keeping it Normal

I hope you, your families and friends are well and you are finding time to get out on your bicycles, whether it be a ride around the block, a micro-adventure, or maybe further afield.  It is fair to 2020 was a different kind of year, but we will all get through this.

Well, it has been far too long since Cycling Touring has been in communication!  Sorry about that.  I certainly won’t bore you all with the why, or blame everything on the global crisis gripping our lives – I’m trying not to mention the ‘C’ word that is dominating our lives!  There have been many reasons, however, the positive message is the site has kept itself running nicely, and despite everything, people are still looking to the future.  People want to find people to go Bicycle Touring with and are looking for social interactions, even if they are from a distance!  It is so important to have hope, dreams and to make plans during this time, and what a great way to do that by organising an adventure.  We all need a little adventure, right?  It doesn't have to be big and bold; a day away somewhere new can be just as rewarding.  And for the Cycling Touring site, there are some great plans to move forward, improve what we already have, and offer so much more.  Do keep an eye out and help spread the word!

Yes, I said no mention of the 'Covid' word, however, for something that affects every one of us on this planet, it is important we try our best to keep on top of life.  It has been off the scale tough for so many people.  We all need an escape.  Some 'me' time.  For myself during these crazy times I find it is a simple walk, run, bike ride, or anything that gets me outside that really helps balance the mind and bring back inner calm. The emotional and stressful nature of a global pandemic, with all the restrictions it brings, plays havoc with many things we have taken for granted.  Exercise has been my saviour; even a simple half-hour walk through the woods has such enormous benefits.  Fresh air, change of scenery, maybe see some wildlife, watching the clouds or the stars, dodge the rain, and having the chance to reset. Trust me, the world is a better place afterward. I’m not grumpy (well, maybe a little still!), the problems are just not as bad, and I feel more at ease.  Regular bike rides have also been so important.  Whilst many of these rides are local to my home, I have really got into discovering new roads and almost purposely getting lost!  Even if you are not keen on getting lost and prefer familiar roads, try looking at the wealth of routes online - jumping onto or similar sites will return some awesome rides.   If you have found your exercise habits (especially cycling) drifting during this time, it is not too late to start up again. Start small and keep it regular; work something into your day that gives you some me-time.  There is no pressure.  The joy of cycling soon comes back and you will find yourself having fun out there.  That is what it is all about.


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Now onto cycling. It has been amazing to see people carry on organising Bicycle Tours that are looking for touring buddies. Yes, dates have been changed here and there, but the important takeaway is that people see a future that involves exploring the world by bicycle and we can be adaptable during this ever-changing crisis. Normality will resume soon, but in the meantime, please keep making positive plans that involve riding your bicycles.  If you do get out there, please do take care, follow the local rules, and keep yourself and the people around you safe. 

As mentioned earlier, there are some great plans for the site.  It all starts with a new look that I have been working on.  Watch this space!

Happy Cycling!


Check out some pictures from some of my recent lockdown bicycle rides, and even a run!


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