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Life changes bring more Cycle Touring Opportunities

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If you read my past cycling blog posts, you will know that I'm currently based on the beautiful island of Jersey, Channel Islands. For those of you who don't know, Jersey is a very small island off the coast of France, and is part of the British Isles. A stunning island that has been an awesome place live for the past 5 years. That said, cycling on an island 9 by 5 miles in size has brought some challenges with trying to keep cycling interesting. Same roads, views etc. To help overcome this, I re-invented my cycling by starting cycle touring in nearby France to break the boredom. That was five years ago and I'm so glad I got out there and tried something new. It brought this website and a host of great adventures.

Life can bring big changes. We all get them from time to time. Some good. Some bad. Some stressful. Some great fun. Some planned. And some out of the blue. Change is part of life and will mean adjusting. And you know what, more often than not, it all works out just fine. And this is what is happening in my household right now. My day job is moving to the United Kingdom, and while this brings moving home stresses, I'm really looking forward to the almost endless cycling opportunities I'll now have on my doorstep. Moving to an area of the UK where I haven't lived before brings new cycling routes, towns to visit, views to see and people to meet. There will be a new cycling group to hook up with and hopefully more opportunities to meet members. Exciting times!

b2ap3_large_CycleRouteExmoor - Articles, Reviews, Advice, Tours and More... - Life changes bring more Cycle Touring Opportunities

Happy Cycling! 

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