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Do I need to train for Bicycle Touring?

Do I need to be fit for bicycle touring

This is such a common question, and it can put people off starting a Bicycle Tour.  The simple answer is no, you don't need to train to go Bicycle Touring.  A baseline fitness will fine to get most people started.  If you already ride, run, walk, or do any other physical activity, you are likely to be fine.  Obviously, it isn't going to do any harm if you get some extra training in, just don't let it take over and be a requirement to go away, or let it think you won't have a good time if you don't get the time to train.

Waiting for that perfect moment when you feel your body is at its physical peak isn't required for Bicycle Touring.  It is much better to just start pedalling and your fitness will naturally progress day by day. You will soon be cycling longer, be less tired each evening, feel strong up the hills, and really feel at one with your bicycle as you make your way through exciting places. 

Unless you have a specific distance/speed goal that you must meet, then perhaps focus your time before leaving elsewhere.  Think about where you will visit and what you would like to experience.  Don't let the need for training divert your attention.  

Now that is sorted out.  It is time for you to get planning your Bicycle Tour!  Don't forget we have many Bicycle Tours listed looking for Touring Companions/Friends/Buddies.   Or upload your Bicycle Tour and see who joins you.


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