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Nighttime cycling in Jersey

I wrote a little blog post last Sunday evening after popping out for a night time cycle ride, to encourage other people to be motivated during the dark and cold months. Here it is...


It was a Sunday night. Dark and getting cold. I was little tired from the previous night's Halloween party. I guess, hungover is a better way of putting it! My mind was feeling a little guilty for not going out riding during the day when it was glorious sunshine and I was also very aware I had a big ride coming up the following weekend when I head off to Northern France for 3 days of undisturbed cycling. I'm pleased to say my motivational side won and I talked myself into popping out for a quick hour in the darkness. 

Cycling at night in Jersey

On the back of a beautiful day of sunshine, the sunset was simply amazing! I don't think I can ever remember a November day with such great weather. The views were superb and the ride was refreshing. It might have been the same old roads near to where I live, but there is something special about cycling at night. Wrapped up warm, listening to the various noises, with my powerful front light clearing a way down the country lanes. I felt at one with my surroundings and took in the familiar route from a different view under darkness.

Cycle in Jersey

I know this is easier said than done, but next time you pop out cycling, why not pop out at night. It really does feel like a different ride and you are almost certain to want to do it again.

Cheers Pete

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