Day 11 6:00 AM, in the dawn fog the train slowly stopped at the town Mo i Rana.     It rained lightly in the heaven, I felt right fresh. Had a simple breakfast under the roof of bus station, greeted each other with a hiker, I set off on road.  Back t...

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Day 10 I slept completely 10 hours, the first thing after I woke up is to shake my head – check if it’s super dizzy. And the answer was no – everything still in order: I survived! I tried to think back how did I come to such situation yesterday, and ...

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19 Days North Cycling Adventure | Day 9

Day 9 Only 110 KM left to Trondheim city. I checked online and recognized joyfully that basically its just downhills. Should be a smooth trip. Or..? I lifted the gate of my tent in morning. Out there was still raining mildly. I had to put on my rainc...

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19 Days North Cycling Adventure | Day 8

Day 8 Lesson learned that I started today’s trip quite early, and realized the 20 KM ‘debt’ yesterday is a hard way – all way uphills to reach the city Dombas. Then I realized this was just a beginning. There was another 10 KM steep uphills road lead...

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19 Days North Cycling Adventure | Day 7

Day 7   Woke up in morning, a new day began. The sunlight pierces into the tent and make the air a little smother. However my feet were still icy. I moved myself a bit and realized the legs had lightly spasm. The cause should be the freezing night. A...

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19 Days North Cycling Adventure | Day 6

Day 6 There is one and only ONE GOAL today: the peak of Scandinavian, Galdhøpiggen. The distance is just 18 KM, usually takes less than 40 minutes for me, but this time with a rise in elevation of 1900 M at meanwhile is something I definitely NEVER t...

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19 Days North Cycling Adventure | Day 5

Day 5 I was actually awakened by freezing, meanwhile another lesson was learned: never look down upon even the LIGHTEST rains: the sleep bag must be absolute dry. Yes, I was too freeze to sleep well last night and eventually woke up with icy feet, fo...

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19 Days North Cycling Adventure | Day 4

Day 4 Whenever there comes an important moment, I never fall asleep deeply. Despite of the fact that I spent 2 nights in the train, I woke up frequently to check the clock, until it finally ringed at 4:30 AM. Rains whispered out there in darkness, bu...

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19 Days North Cycling Adventure | Day 3

Day 3 00:00 AM On the train from Hamburg to Frankfurt. Just now an old lady greeted me at platform. ‘I know you, you were kicked out of the train last night in Frankfurt' she said. I numbed for a moment before realised she was just the old lady, who ...

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19 Days North Cycling Adventure | Day 2

Day 2   00:00 AM The train to Hamburg arrived right on time. I got into the bike carriage, it’s totally empty. A conductor came to me and ask for bike reservation certification. I was at lost – what the hell is that? He followed rapidly: please get o...

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19 Days North Cycling Adventure | Day 1

Day 1 11:30 AM   Believe everything ready, I took the first step by jumped on the train. At the first interchange station, Treuchtlingen, I met some old travelers. They were with bikes and loaded with all luggage as well and our next stations were sa...

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19 Days North Cycling Adventure | Prelude

Diary of A Chinese Cyclist     It was in 2008, and over 2 months a friend achieved his grand trip; cycling from Shanghai to Tibet. It sounded so attractive to me that not long after, I bought my first mountain bike. But I didn’t really want to ride t...

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