19 Days North Cycling Adventure | Day 5

Day 5

I was actually awakened by freezing, meanwhile another lesson was learned: never look down upon even the LIGHTEST rains: the sleep bag must be absolute dry. Yes, I was too freeze to sleep well last night and eventually woke up with icy feet, found myself wrapped in wet sleep bag, what a bad experience. Still I can’t help laughing when climbed out of the tent: I heard some noises during night, and it turned out to be so many neighbors ‘grow up’ in one night, perhaps many arrived here in midnight as a free and casual stay?


As my strength recovered, and had learned the way back to city, cycling at this moment appeared to be much more pleasant. It’s still cloudy, light fogs circle around the hills, the ground is somehow wet, the coolness of the air in fresh morning made me felt lively. It’s so alike I was right in Mountain Haruna. (Remarks 1)


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The bus was already waiting at the station. The charge of 500 KM distance is 66 EUR for adult and 44 EUR for bike. We have all infrastructure on the bus, WC, WIFI, plug-in charger… just like the long distance bus in Germany. I will basically spend the whole day here. The original plan is to take a good rest in the bus (after cycling for 2 days which I have missed), but in fact there’s no chance. First of all I have to keep myself alert to avoid miss the station, besides, the weather had turned better, all the landscapes on the way are too beautiful to keep my eyes and camera in rest.


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If I say the landscape under bright sunshine make me pleasant, when the bus drove in mountain areas in late afternoon, the scenery in highland really SHOCK me.

Northend in World of Warcraft (Remarks 2) is originated from north Europe. It’s my dream to search and witness such scenarios on my own. On the way in highland, the thick dark clouds feels like down pressing above my head. The lightening hidden in the clouds, occasionally flash instantly in light rains, with the peaks of snow mountains shinning far at horizon… I was listening to original track “Mountain of Thunder”, full of satisfactory in heart, and even more respect to the nature, the creation of the world.


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In order to reach the peak on next day, I reserved the hotel at mountain foot for good rest. Got off the bus, got a hot dog and biscuits to fill my belly (this cost me 9 EUR and later became my ‘personal menu’), and reached the hotel after 20 KM ride, 140 m rise in elevation.

The hotel turned out to be out of my expectation. I thought what ‘rebuilt based on old farm’ they mentioned in website just means some shabby cottages, however it is actually historical viking style buildings. The guests are able to live in independent cabins splitting in hills, and the decoration indoors are fantastic – gold shining, warm and delicate, even with a big barrel as bathtub. What’s more, the hotel is like a museum, with some halls exhibiting all historical items and pieces through hundreds years. In the breakfast buffet there provides small food-bags, allowing guests to take ‘Lunchbox’. 111 EUR for one night, is really worthwhile in local.


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I soaked myself in soft bed, yet felt a little upset. Far to now I haven’t really started the cycling challenge, but what most dangerous is, subconsciously I seemed too RELIED to fast modern transport and comfortable hotel , and fear the strange environment and hunger/coldness.

I told myself repeatedly, I come for outdoor life this time, I do not belong to anywhere under roofs. I have to CORRECT the wrong subconscious,  to face the coming plans and challenges.


Remarks 1:

Mountain Haruna – a mountain in Japan. Well known by many Chinese by a Japanese racing theme comic ‘Initial D’.

Remarks 2:

World of Warcraft – an online game by US company based on concept of ‘Dragon and Dungeon’ (D&D, another example is Lord of Rings), have strong culture impact in China on generation born in 80-90s .


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