Bike across America companion(s) wanted!

Bike across America companion(s) wanted! I am a student at UCSD, the coming fall quarter(semester) will be my last quarter and I do not have any classes, so I plan to do something crazy like bike across America! Date: End of Sep to End of Nov Route: West coast to East coast Accommodation (ranking from most preferred to least): Host family to Church(public center?) to Camping to Hotel About myself: The longest bike trip I have completed was in the winter of 2014 (12.20.2014 - 1.1.2015), I biked from Durham, NH to Philly, PA with several days off as breaks. Since I don't have an odometer on my bike, I cannot quantify how many miles I have biked in the past, but I do biked a lot. Notes: I understand this is a big plan and the date is not ideal (perhaps 95% bikers in the student group will not be able to make it). So if you do not plan to join me but can offer any sort of help or give any suggestions, I will highly appreciate!

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Start Date 03-Aug-2018 8:00 am
End Date 29-Sep-2018 6:00 pm
Organiser Mingchen Mao
Starting Location San Diego, USA
Category Bicycle Touring Holiday

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