British Columbia: Toure De Canada

British Columbia: Toure De Canada I'm planning on biking through British Columbia in a few weeks. My current plan is to leave from Vancouver in the first few weeks of August. My current start date isn't set in stone yet I'm hoping to figure that out in the next few days once I get a project wrapped up. Here is a map of my route I will be cycling along the off road BC Trail from Vancouver to Fernie, from there I will head north taking the Great Divide to Banff. After Banff I will be sticking mostly to the roads as I bike through the national parks up to Jasper before turning around and heading back to Vancouver through Squamish/Whittier. I am hoping to go for a hike or two when I get to the parks. My plan is to for the most part camp along the route, with the occasional Warmshowers/Hotel stay to clean up or get out of the weather. I am hoping to try to tackle 75-100+ miles/day while on the trails. I am looking for similarly aged group or partner to join me on this grand bike tour across British Columbia. So If you want to join with to bike along for all or any part of the route you'd be more then welcome to. This will be my first solo tour so I'm excited, it wont be an easy route there is lots of climbing but it should be beautiful. I enjoy having a good time and enjoy spending time with people who don't take life so seriously and love to laugh, live and explore let me know if you would be interested in joining

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Start Date 30-09-2018 8:00 am
End Date 30-11-2018 7:00 pm
Organiser Jesse Holt
Starting Location Vancouver City, Canada
Category Bicycle Touring Holiday

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