Europe (Berlin) to Singapore or SE Asia

Europe (Berlin) to Singapore or SE Asia

Hello! This year I want to fulfill my dream of cycling to SE Asia from Europe. I want to see the world go by on my bicycle and feel the wind.

I am an intermediate rider with no extensive cross-country cycling experience and would like to travel at a non-competitive pace. I want to do some planning (particularly with timings and seasonal weather) but generally will follow my nose with which direction seems best with some general aims.

I will be both wild camping and staying in hostels (when they are cheap) - perhaps once we're out of Europe I'll do more hostelling (or if the weather is bad).

A little about me: I'm Harry, a 30-Year-old queer British artist living in Berlin and working in film and XR. My life is based in the digital world and I want to breathe some new experiences. I am generally super laid back and enjoy good company and having a laugh even in the toughest times.

Happy to chat on Zoom to find the right buddy/buddies for some (or all) of my journey. IG: @HarrySilverlock

Event Information

Start Date 22-Aug-2023 8:00 am
End Date 14-Feb-2024 7:00 pm
Organiser Harry Silverlock
Approximate Daily Distance 50 - 59 miles
Approximate Total Distance 1000+ miles
Preferred Sleeping Option Camping
Terrain Roads and cycle paths
Starting Location Berlin, Germany
Category Bike Packing Adventure

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