Mawson Trail - Flinders Ranges South Australia

Mawson Trail - Flinders Ranges South Australia This will be a replicated ride of the ride I did in 2014 with a Swiss couple riding hardtail MTBs with 2 panniers (I have a photo album of that ride). While the ride is unsupported, I have friends along the way and local knowledge (I have lived and worked in the Flinders Ranges). You can also ride the Mawson Trail (supported) with in 2021. I will be recommending some short-cuts... the northern part is the BEST so two short cuts are pretty much locked in. In 2011 we took 3 short cuts and 80kms in a car. I hope to keep it to only two short cuts but the weather can change plans. Here is my blog Oh... Nearly forgot to mention... the tour involves watching the Melbourne Cup (a horse race that stops the nation) in the Blinman Hotel. This time I plan to buy a ticket to the swanky lunch (instead of eating leftovers as we just happened to stumble in on that day).

Event Information

Start Date 17-10-2020 7:00 am
End Date 06-11-2020 7:00 pm
Organiser Jim K
Starting Location Adelaide Hills, Australia
Category Bike Packing Adventure

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