San Francisco to Baja

San Francisco to Baja

Hi! A few summers ago I met a biking partner on this site and we biked from Portland to SF.  I'm not looking to pick back up in SF and go down to Baja, Mexico.

Looking to cycle between 40-60 miles a day and to camp with the occasional hotel / warm shower / Airbnb to regroup and do laundry. I'm looking for a partner who is going to be fun, easygoing, resourceful, and communicative. About me: I'm 28 years old and live in Bozeman, MT. I

love camping, hiking, biking, skateboarding, snowboarding, split boarding, music, cooking, and hanging out with my dog and friends! I had a lot of success with this site in the past so I'm excited to connect!

Event Information

Start Date 02-10-2023 8:00 am
End Date 31-10-2023 7:00 pm
Organiser zoe mayers
Approximate Daily Distance 40 - 49 miles
Approximate Total Distance 700 - 799 miles
Preferred Sleeping Option Camping
Terrain Roads, cycle paths and off road
Starting Location San Francisco, California
Category Bike Packing Adventure

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