Uk to Norway in June, welcome!

Uk to Norway in June, welcome! My first voyage trip. I am a 38 year old father of 6 from Abu Dhabi. heading out on the road with my trusty bike insha Allah for the first time. Looking to meet good people and have some wonderfully enlightening, rich conversations. This will be my first trip out with my bike, very exciting times. I have been struggling to put together a route but after reaching out to various members, I have come up with the following route: Open to the amount of km to cover in a day, open to new routes. Happy to hear from all. My plan is to travel from Portsmouth, Le Havre,-Belgium-Netherlands-Germany-Denmark-Norway. I would like to make it there for first week of July to see my favourite artist Tydolla sign in a music festival in Sandvik.

Event Information

Start Date 04-06-2018 8:00 am
End Date 09-07-2018 6:00 pm
Organiser Taryam Subaihi
Category Bike Packing Adventure

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