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Around The World Slowly

A meandering route spanning all continents. I have two options for the first leg. A. is to head to the Nord Capp and then south via West Africa to Cape Town i.e. Capp to Cape or B. to head west from the UK through Europe, Asia (Pamir Highway)...Then on to the Americas! I will wild camp most of the way and won't be afraid to stop in idyllic locations. The journey is all important, not the daily mileage. I'd love to find a travel companion so do please get in touch if this sounds like your bag Best wishes for your own amazing adventure! Darren
Friday, 01. March 2024 until Thursday, 30. September 2027 (GMT +00:00)

Canada to Chile or the other way around in 2023

I'm looking for companions to join me for a trip from northern Canada to southern Chile (or the other way around), starting in May 2023. Looking to spend approximately one year on the trip, so not open to doing all kinds of detours, but no need to go blazing fast either. To do some stretches efficiently while going slower in more scenic/interesting areas is probably the way to go :)

My experience with bike touring is doing my home country of Norway from north to south a couple of years ago, but not much apart from that.

I'm 26 years old and are preferably looking for someone around my age, give or take some years. Being company for the whole trip or just parts of it are both of interest.

Don't hesitate to get in touch if this sounds interesting or if you want more info about me/the trip! :)

Cheers, Oyvind Hanes

Saturday, 20. May 2023 until Monday, 20. May 2024 (GMT +01:00)

Ireland and Northern Ireland

I'm taking a 30-day trip along the coasts of these two ruggedly beautiful and hospitable countries sometime between mid-June and late July of 2022. Exact dates TBD. I would love to have one other friendly, sociable cyclist (M/F, age 35+) join me for some of the most pleasurable cycle touring in Europe.

We'll fly into and out of Shannon and bike clockwise around the island, ending at our starting point of Ennis, Co. Clare. Overnights in B&Bs. About 1,000 total miles and 40 miles a day average. Dinners in restaurants and pubs, the heart of Irish social life, with lively traditional music sessions most nights.

The itinerary includes a few short train rides and ferries to the Aran Islands and other offshore islands. An expansive network of small, peaceful back roads is ideal for cycling, and the summertime weather is cool and comfortable. Expect daytime highs in the upper 50s F to lower 60s F with intermittent light rain nearly every day.

Magnificent scenery, exceptionally friendly people, wonderful B&Bs, grand food and beers and requisite pastry, tea and hot soup stops along the way make Ireland ideal for a bike tour.

Sunday, 12. June 2022 until Thursday, 14. July 2022 (GMT +01:00)

Norway I'm doing that.. A tour of Norway and beyond 2022

The date is flexible. Basically looking for company for a summer of cycling around fjord land. And possibly beyond. Could be for the summer or just carry on until our knees fall off
Wednesday, 25. May 2022 until Sunday, 23. October 2022 (GMT +01:00)

1 week tour from Sydney to Singleton New South Wales

Using a train network to get north of Sydney. Cycle to Newcastle then onwards to Singleton. Arriving Singleton Friday 8th of April 2022 Some camping out and the odd accommodation if wanted
Monday, 04. April 2022 until Sunday, 10. April 2022 (GMT +01:00)

Berlin to Singapore

Hey guys! I'm planning on cycling from Europe to Singapore. I am currently based in Berlin so i would like to start from here but i'm flexible if someone has other ideas. I have done a couple of bike tours before so I do have experience but not at this distance. I plan on camping the majority of the time but also using warmshowers and hostels from time to time. I'm an easy going guy with no real plans....i'm happy to talk with someone and plan it together. I can ride 100 km a day but also willing to do less or more depending on the partner. If this sounds interesting to you send me a message and we can talk further.
Friday, 01. April 2022 until Saturday, 01. April 2023 (GMT +01:00)

The Big Kahuna

Hey everyone! I've been dreaming of a transcontinental adventure for a while now, so much so that it's almost become an obsession. I've done a few multi-week tours around Europe and think I'm ready to take on something a bit more epic.

About the trip:

My plan is to set sail from Europe in the Spring of 2022, just as the weather is getting better. Hopefully, covid restrictions will be a thing of the past by then. I'll head towards Istanbul where a decision will need to be made. In an ideal world, I'll continue east, through the mountains of Georgia, the deserts of Iran (maybe), the Stans, India/China, ending on a white sand beach in SE Asia. But if covid continues to disrupt just about everything, I'll head for Cairo, and attempt to cycle to Cape Town, along the East coast of Africa. I'm assuming that things will have improved significantly by then but in any case, I figure the borders and bureaucracy of African countries will be easier to navigate, compared to that of central Asian countries. Along the way, I'll wild camp mostly, along with warm showers

About me:

I'm 27 and from Ireland. I've been living in Brussels for the last 18 months and plan to leave here. I'm a cycling addict, who likes meeting new people. I love wild camping but you also just can't beat a hotel room when you really need it. I'm an easy-going guy and would love to find a companion for this most epic of adventures. Always happy to chat with a touring enthusiast so give me a shout if you'd be interested in joining The Big Kahuna. Cheers, Jack

Friday, 01. April 2022 until Saturday, 01. April 2023 (GMT +01:00)

Heading Off for a Year

I am planning on heading off in March maybe sooner.  The plan is to take a ferry to Amsterdam and go to Germany to join the European Divide Trail and then head off towards North-West Spain but not committed to routes. Onwards to Portugal to visit a few cycling buddies, and then back through Spain up towards central Europe to Eastern Europe and maybe Turkey.

Due to Brexit, I can only stay in the Schengen Area for 90 days, so I will head East for a few months and then come back and cycle around Scandinavian. Plan for the first year is to get my fitness and confidence up and then head back East for some wild wilderness, Mongolia would be awesome but let us see?

I want to do a fair bit off-road/gravel wild camp, refresh in a campsite now and again, a hostel or a hotel maybe once a month depending on funds. Would like to do some photography on the route. I am not really interested in visiting historical monuments if we pass them; maybe take a picture. Mileage depending on terrain, but any 100km - 160km but some easy days, and if we find a nice place a day off to chill out sample the local food and beer!

I am quite easy going laid back person. If you want to meet up and cycle some or all of the way let me know? Thanks

Tuesday, 01. March 2022 until Thursday, 31. October 2024 (GMT +00:00)

Europe Tour (Athens-Lisbon)

Hi fellow cyclists. I am doing a 5-month bike tour through Europe. I plan to cycle 60-100km each day, with stopovers in different cities to explore. I am looking for people who are interested in joining parts of the trip.

My rough itinerary (please feel free to reach out if you're cycling around Europe in the Spring and Summer of 2022 and looking to meet a fellow cyclist).

  • March 2022: Greece, Albania, Croatia
  • April 2022: Croatia, Italy
  • May 2022: France, Spain
  • June 2022: Spain, Portugal

I'm open to feedback if anyone has ideas!

Tuesday, 01. March 2022 until Saturday, 30. July 2022 (GMT +00:00)

Miami to San Francisco from Feb until April 2022

More or less along the Southern Tier from Miami to LA and further to S.F. Modest accommodation in motels or tent. About 50 to 60 miles per day. I'm 60 years young, love to live, open for experiences and adventure, and I would love to share the ride with one or more likeminds.
Tuesday, 01. February 2022 until Saturday, 30. April 2022 (GMT +00:00)

Exploring Greece on Weekend Cycling Trips

I will be exploring Greece using Athens as a hub in January and February 2022.

I'm looking to do some weekend tours, some day trips, maybe a few week-long trips. Looking for fellow cyclists to join or to meet up with in Athens.

Saturday, 01. January 2022 until Monday, 28. February 2022 (GMT +00:00)

Long Distance Touring Adventure!

Hi guys! My name is Joe, and I have long been dreaming about setting off on an epic long-distance bike tour spanning multiple countries/continents - I have been working in a finance job in London for a few years but looking for a new adventure I dont have a fixed itinerary as I love the flexibility that cycle touring offers - but my general idea is to start in London, going south-east through Europe, into Turkey, the Caucasus, the Stans ( via the Pamir Highway)...thereafter let's see! If I am still going Japan, NZD followed by Alaska>Patagonia would be the dream. Predominantly wild camping most of the way but also stay in hostels, warmshowers etc when we want Ideally I am looking for a partner in crime to join me on an adventure of a lifetime. If this sounds like your idea of fun dont hesitate to get in touch! Joe Edit: Due to Coronavirus, I am now thinking to delay this trip to the middle of next year. Exact dates tbc, but just waiting for the travel restrictions to ease and hopefully people to be more welcoming to cyclists!
Friday, 16. July 2021 until Monday, 16. May 2022 (GMT +01:00)

Looking for like-minded adventurers to plan a tour....

I have no specific tour in mind.

Well not quite true, I have loads of ideas!

What I am looking for are like-minded cyclists who would like to share the planning of an adventure. After years of experience of this, my preference is to cycle as a pair. A pair gives company, support and lots of flexibility.

I am a 61 y.o. retired male, fit, active and adventurous without being crazy. I live in Wiltshire, which is only mildly relevant. I have never been out of Europe, and still have lots of places I want to visit there. Ideas that are currently appealing to me are:-

* Roscoff to Santander/Bilbao using link ferries

* Venice to Istanbul

* A Black Sea circuit

* Belgium

* Portugal's Atlantic coastline etc

Things like preferred accommodations, duration, timings are all up for discussion. At this time there is an opportunity for making links, sharing ideas and planning.

Adventures will return from 2022 onward I guess/hope. Please make contact with me if any of this strikes a similar chord with you. 

Friday, 18. June 2021 until Sunday, 18. June 2023 (GMT +01:00)

Middle East

Hello beautiful people! I am in Turkey and planning to move on my bike across the middle east. If anyone is looking for a cycling adventure, please get in touch and we can sort out the details!
Saturday, 01. May 2021 until Sunday, 19. March 2023 (GMT +01:00)

Multi Country Touring

I'm new to multi country touring but I’ve done a decent amount of mini tours. Looking for a cycling partner or two go on a world tour. Me: Male in my 30’s from  and hoping to start touring around May 2021.

I’m very easy going, comfortable doing anywhere from 60-80 miles a day, on flat roads lol. Free camping,etc.

I’m open and flexible with start dates, locations, and routes.

If interested, lets chat and start gathering some ideas, plans, points of interest, routes, and general logistics discussion.

Saturday, 01. May 2021 until Thursday, 28. December 2023 (GMT +01:00)

Multi Country Cycling Tour

Hello everyone, I am new to a long distance bike packing have been on a few shorter tours before. I am planning to start my adventure in April 2021 to cycle through Europe, Asia and Americas. I am currently at the early stage of preparation but have an idea which countries I would like to visit during the trip. I am also flexible in terms of route and can adjust to my companion's preferences. I will be mostly wild camping and using hostels. I OK to cycle around 100-120 km a day, depending on the terrain:) Whoever is interested, please get in touch to discuss further!:) Kinga
Thursday, 01. April 2021 until Tuesday, 06. June 2023 (GMT +01:00)

World Tour

I would like to first cross Canada, west to east. Then tour down through the eastern parts of the United States, or cross over through the central states to reach the west coast again. Then into Mexico and make my way to South America. Then down the west coat of South America as far south as is reasonably possible. Then back up the eastern part of South America. Then fly to either Africa or Europe. I' would like to spend time in both places depending on what is safe. Then through the Mongolian steppes. Into Asia. Then Australia and New Zealand.
Thursday, 09. April 2020 until Monday, 19. September 2022 (GMT +01:00)

Cycle around the world

Hello - I have been on the road since February, and am now cycling in Benin. I'm heading to South Africa, then to Middle East, Asia, Oceania, South America, North America and back to Europe. I will try not to fly and would rather take a boat. Will you join me on my epic cycling adventure? Maybe just for a few weeks or months? Please get in touch if interested.
Sunday, 17. November 2019 until Friday, 17. November 2023 (GMT +00:00)

Vivir en Bicicleta

En Febrero de 2014 decidí empezar a vivir mis sueños... Dani Ku, Barcelona, Spain. Since February of 2014... living my dreams.

Saturday, 22. February 2014 until Monday, 23. October 2023 (GMT +00:00)