Laos or Vietnam to Yunnan and Eastern China

Laos or Vietnam to Yunnan and Eastern China

3-month tour - during the drier season in Laos and Yunnan. 90-day tour as China visas are limited to 90 days. Fly to Laos or Vietnam - Hanoi? Then use one of the limited cross borders into China. Yunnan is the preferred area.

Camping where possible. I have been to China several times - not cycle touring but have cycled in China. May be forced to use hotels if the local administration insists. I have very limited Mandarin!

Event Information

Start Date 05-Oct-2023 8:00 am
End Date 05-Jan-2024 7:00 pm
Organiser Thomas Lamb
Approximate Daily Distance 70 - 79 miles
Approximate Total Distance 1000+ miles
Preferred Sleeping Option Camping
Terrain Roads, cycle paths and off road
Starting Location Laos
Category Multi-Month Bicycle Tour

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