Lindsay Shaw

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Looking for like-minded adventurers to plan a tour....

I have no specific tour in mind.

Well not quite true, I have loads of ideas!

What I am looking for are like-minded cyclists who would like to share the planning of an adventure. After years of experience of this, my preference is to cycle as a pair. A pair gives company, support and lots of flexibility.

I am a 61 y.o. retired male, fit, active and adventurous without being crazy. I live in Wiltshire, which is only mildly relevant. I have never been out of Europe, and still have lots of places I want to visit there. Ideas that are currently appealing to me are:-

* Roscoff to Santander/Bilbao using link ferries

* Venice to Istanbul

* A Black Sea circuit

* Belgium

* Portugal's Atlantic coastline etc

Things like preferred accommodations, duration, timings are all up for discussion. At this time there is an opportunity for making links, sharing ideas and planning.

Adventures will return from 2022 onward I guess/hope. Please make contact with me if any of this strikes a similar chord with you. 

Friday, 18. June 2021 until Sunday, 18. June 2023 (GMT +01:00)