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Canada to Chile or the other way around in 2023

I'm looking for companions to join me for a trip from northern Canada to southern Chile (or the other way around), starting in May 2023. Looking to spend approximately one year on the trip, so not open to doing all kinds of detours, but no need to go blazing fast either. To do some stretches efficiently while going slower in more scenic/interesting areas is probably the way to go :)

My experience with bike touring is doing my home country of Norway from north to south a couple of years ago, but not much apart from that.

I'm 26 years old and are preferably looking for someone around my age, give or take some years. Being company for the whole trip or just parts of it are both of interest.

Don't hesitate to get in touch if this sounds interesting or if you want more info about me/the trip! :)

Cheers, Oyvind Hanes

Saturday, 20. May 2023 until Monday, 20. May 2024 (GMT +01:00)