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Heading Off for a Year

I am planning on heading off in March maybe sooner.  The plan is to take a ferry to Amsterdam and go to Germany to join the European Divide Trail and then head off towards North-West Spain but not committed to routes. Onwards to Portugal to visit a few cycling buddies, and then back through Spain up towards central Europe to Eastern Europe and maybe Turkey.

Due to Brexit, I can only stay in the Schengen Area for 90 days, so I will head East for a few months and then come back and cycle around Scandinavian. Plan for the first year is to get my fitness and confidence up and then head back East for some wild wilderness, Mongolia would be awesome but let us see?

I want to do a fair bit off-road/gravel wild camp, refresh in a campsite now and again, a hostel or a hotel maybe once a month depending on funds. Would like to do some photography on the route. I am not really interested in visiting historical monuments if we pass them; maybe take a picture. Mileage depending on terrain, but any 100km - 160km but some easy days, and if we find a nice place a day off to chill out sample the local food and beer!

I am quite easy going laid back person. If you want to meet up and cycle some or all of the way let me know? Thanks

Tuesday, 01. March 2022 until Thursday, 31. October 2024 (GMT +00:00)