Mexico to Patagonia

Mexico to Patagonia I have three months available to travel from Mexico to Argentina. I'd like to start in Mazatlan, Mexico, but may change my mind if there is a better options. I plan to go down the pacific coast until Salina Cruz and than cross over to Merida, Chetumal. Idea is to go and see some of the Mayan temples in the region. From there I'd like to go to Belize stay a few days there and go over to Tikal Guatemala. After that it is pretty open. Most probably cross over to Antigua Guatemala go over the El Salvador Border and keep time in Honduras as short as possible.  I am a kite surfer and willing to learn wave riding. Looking for one person or a couple of companions to share this experience with. Willing to help wherever I can, but please be as self sufficient as you can be. Can help with bike repairs, and I know how to cook very good food.  I was in the medical forces in the Swiss army so can help with most common injuries. Definitely in for parties, but not willing to sacrifice the extent of the journey.  Please only self sufficient persons which are in shape and willing to take the long rides should consider to contact me. I would like to meet you in person before we start out. Same as Shakleton, if you have any talents (entertaining) please let me know. It is best to have fun together. Curious who comes for this epic ride. It will go until Patagonia.  If you live nearby Switzerland let's go touring in 2018. Best way to find out if we get along.

Event Information

Start Date 01-Feb-2017 9:00 am
End Date 31-Dec-2017 7:00 pm
Organiser Andreas Schaffner
Starting Location Aeropuerto Internacional General Rafael Buelna, Mazatlan, Mexico
Category Multi-Month Bicycle Tour

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