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South America

South America

Hello, I've been riding in Chile and Argentina for about 5 months already. I'm currently riding north to the Paraguay border to visit Iguazu Falls and the Pantanal. Then west to Bolivia and Peru. Perhaps to Ecuador, and Colombia or more likely south I to Chile again I prefer to wild camp when possible, enjoying the quieter roads and scenery. I don't have an end destination or time limit, just go where life takes me.

I'm always happy to have good company along for the ride.

If you want to join me then please get in touch.

Event Information

Start Date 30-Apr-2023 7:00 am
End Date 30-Mar-2026 10:00 pm
Organiser Andy Purkis
Approximate Daily Distance 40 - 49 miles
Approximate Total Distance 2000+ miles
Preferred Sleeping Option Camping
Terrain Roads, cycle paths and off road
Starting Location Mendoza, Argentina
Category Multi-Month Bicycle Tour

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