Welcome to our FAQ section where you will find answers and site guides to get you started.  We have tried our best to cover off everything, however, if there is something not covered, please do leave comments at the bottom of this page, or Contact Us.

If you have submitted your Bicycle Tour for inclusion on the site, please note you will receive a helpful guide covering off how to make changes, delete and contact people who want to join you.


What is cycletouring.org?
A FREE community website dedicated to helping touring cyclists find companions/friends/buddies to go Bicycle Touring with. We want to bring cycle touring to the digital communities and have lots of other great content for everyone to enjoy.
How do you help me find someone to go Bicycle Touring with?
It all starts with you!

By submitting details of your own bicycle tour, you give all of our website visitors a view of what a cycle tour with you is all about. If anyone likes it, they can click to register interest in joining you. To help bring your Bicycle Tour alive, we actively promote using the usual Social Media channels, newsletters, and good old search engines.
Do I need to be an experienced touring cyclist?
Definitely not!

We actively encourage anyone to be involved with cycle touring. All you need is a bicycle, a sense of adventure, and motivation to go cycle touring. All we would say is, only join Bicycle Tours that match your ability.
Do I need a special touring bicycle?
We get asked this a lot! And we always say, no you don't need a special bicycle. You can take just about any bicycle on a cycle tour. Spending lots of your hard-earned money isn't necessary and you can make many low-cost changes to your current bicycle setup to get started. That is always a good way to see if you like cycle touring before investing money in a new bicycle. As a side thought; just look at the kind of terrain you plan to ride. Going off-road cycle touring on your old racing bike might not be that comfortable! Just use your common sense and you will be fine.

If you are looking for inspiration, do check out this blog post on How to Convert an Old MTB into a Touring Bike.
Does it cost any money to use cycletouring.org?
Absolutely nothing!

cycletouring.org is completely free to use and will always be. If you are ever asked for money, please report it via the Contact Section.
Can I charge people to join my cycle tour?
No money is to be exchanged between members. There are no exceptions to this rule. If you are ever asked for money, please report it via the Contact Section. Anyone found to be asking for money will be banned from the site!
Can I bring friends along to a cycle tour?
It isn't good etiquette to just turn up with additional people and surprise other members.

Our advice is to contact the organiser or other participants and ask.
Chances are it will be fine. Good communication and manners will keep things happy. Not everyone likes surprises!
Are there any restrictions to what my submitted cycle tour can be (distance, amount of days, etc...)?
None whatsoever.

It is your Bicycle Tour, so it can be however you want it to be. Just be clear in the description to increase your chances of finding others with similar ideas to join you.


Personal Information

What information do you store about me?
We only store your name, email address, and username. You also have the option (not mandatory) to extend your profile by including information about your age bracket, sex, touring experience, and other helpful information. No information is never passed to 3rd parties for commercial reasons (i.e. selling your details for marketing) and is only used for the purpose of operating this website. Please read the Terms & Conditions for further information.
When I register interest to join a cycle tour, what information is passed to the organiser?
Only your name and email address are passed to the organiser.
I have been asked by a member for personal information. What should I do?
It is your information and it is your decision whether to pass it to others. We strongly recommend that no further information is passed to others. Your name and email address should be adequate to arrange the tour. Sometimes a mobile telephone number can be useful. It is your decision whether to pass this on. The best advice we can give is to treat your personal information with care. Always be cautious. You wouldn't give your bank details, home address, and date of birth to a stranger in the street. If it doesn't sound right, it probably isn't.
I cannot get in contact with an organiser or participant via email. Can cycletouring.org forward contact details?
We cannot forward anyone information regarding members. It would be a breach of privacy and we don't hold any other contact details other than the name and email address you already have. We don't collect addresses or telephone numbers for example. It is the responsibility of members to communicate with each other when organising any cycle tour.


Member Security

Who is responsible for my interactions with other members?
You alone are responsible for your interactions with other members.

If you are ever in a situation you are uncomfortable with, then leave immediately, and please Contact Us to forward details. Any situation involving criminal behavior, call the local Police.
What if I don't get on with the person or people I'm touring with?
cycletouring.org has already brought together many people to have great bicycle tours. The majority of people have a mindset to go cycling, have fun and make the most of the experience. However, people don't always get along. That is life and it happens. If this happens, then we suggest you talk with the other members in a friendly manner to try to resolve any differences. If this fails to resolve the situation then shake hands and go your separate ways. Life is too short for personality clashes or disagreements. Move on and have fun. cycletouring.org does not mediate. It is for members to resolve any differences.


We have endeavored to cover off everything, however, if there is something not covered, please do leave comments at the bottom of this page, or Contact Us.