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Our goal is simple. We aim to bring together cyclists to have amazing adventures.

Many people head off on bicycle tours on their own to spend time by themselves, to get away from the world, and escape the daily grind.  It can also be because people pull out of long arranged trips, people don’t have the spare time, or friends just don’t fancy cycling any longer than an afternoon spin.  This is where can help with our free services that help bring like-minded cyclists together.


Go Touring

Our first service is our most popular. A simple and effective way of finding people to go on a bicycle tour. You either upload details of your Bicycle Tour – it is then listed on a central page with a pin on a World map. Or, you search the central tour page for an adventure you a bicycle tour you would like to join. People exchange messages privately via email to sort out the finer details, and then head out on a cycling adventure.

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Local Leaders

This ever increasingly popular service is a way for people already out on a tour to find people to meet with along the way. It is also a great way for local people to meet touring cyclists passing through their area.

Imagine you are out touring and are passing through an area where you plan to stay for a few days, but don’t know much about the area. You may have been by yourself for a while and would appreciate having someone to meet up with, maybe show you around, go cycling, find out where is good to eat or stay. etc... It could be as simple as a coffee and a chat. Or you may head out for a couple of days cycling.  The Local Leader service benefits both visiting cyclists and the local person.

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