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Our goal is to bring together people to share bicycle touring adventures. We love everything cycling, especially when it involves travelling, bicycle touring, having fun, and sharing cycling adventures with others.  Whether you are heading off on a multi-year epic adventure, or a weekend away somewhere new, we are here to help connect you with cyclists.  We can help you find bicycle touring buddies, friends, mates, and bicycle touring companions.  

All services are free and available for everyone to use.   You can submit your own bicycle tour, join submitted bicycle tours, arrange an afternoon adventure as you cycle through a new area, be the person who helps a cyclist visiting your area, and much more.  Or just take a look to get ideas and advice for your next tour.  You will soon be out there meeting new people!

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Bicycle Tours Starting Soon

Miami to San Francisco from Feb until April 2022
Miami to San Francisco from F..
Tuesday, 01. February 2022 until Saturday, 30. April 2022 (GMT +00:00)

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Heading Off for a Year
Heading Off for a Year
Tuesday, 01. March 2022 until Thursday, 31. October 2024 (GMT +00:00)

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Berlin to Singapore
Berlin to Singapore
Friday, 01. April 2022 until Saturday, 01. April 2023 (GMT +01:00)

Cycle Tour Details

The Big Kahuna
The Big Kahuna
Friday, 01. April 2022 until Saturday, 01. April 2023 (GMT +01:00)

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Ireland and Northern Ireland
Ireland and Northern Ireland ..
Sunday, 12. June 2022 until Thursday, 14. July 2022 (GMT +01:00)

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Canada to Chile or the other way around in 2023
Canada to Chile or the other ..
Saturday, 20. May 2023 until Monday, 20. May 2024 (GMT +01:00)

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Latest Local Leaders

  • Ottawa

    My ideal touring style: I like to ride far and fast, and prefer to camp in remote areas to take in...
    Local Leader: Heather Shearer
  • Hamburg

    Moin folks, would be happy to be your local guide on bike here in Hamburg. There are free city...
    Local Leader: Kapil Goel
  • Hebden Bridge

    Hi there, I live in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. I’m originally from down south hence the lack...
    Local Leader: Gareth Clarke
  • Istanbul

    Last few years I cycle around Turkey so can provide information about routes, roads and camping...
    Local Leader: Erol Faz
  • South Africa

    Hi. I am a young adventurers cycle tourer. Mechanical Desig Engineer at profession, and part time...
    Local Leader: Cleo Enslin
  • Sjælland

    I know the area of North of Sjælland very well, and would love to show you the beautiful...
    Local Leader: Mads Folmer Jensen