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Hi, I am Alex from Vienna. Currently, I am on a world trip by bicycle :) I was dreaming about doing this for years and at the end of May 2018, the time has come. Departure. Get out of my comfort zone. Get out of my bubble. Live. See the country passing by my own power. Getting to know others and myself better. Explore boundaries. Discover. Freedom. Adventure. The way is the goal. I finished my informatics master studies in 2017 and now I gratify myself with this world trip :) I love travelling and I love cycling, so I combined it. I started from my frontdoor in Vienna, cycled the Danube upwards, passed through Munich, Strasbourg, Reims, and Paris continuing to London and Dublin. Then I want to go to Central America and Southeast Asia, where I want to volunteer. That's the rough plan. I love to do sports. When it's cold, I love to play icehockey or go snowboarding. When it's hot, I love to play inlinehockey or beach volleyball or go running/cycling/swimming/just workout - preferably in the nature. One thing I really don't like is wastefulness. I care about our environment and feel responsible for future generations.
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